You Need Just One Kettlebell And Seven Moves To Build Muscle All Over

Woman with kettlebell pressed overhead

Kettlebell workouts can look intimidating, especially when they feature explosive, technical moves like the kettlebell snatch or kettlebell clean. Those moves are well worth mastering, but there are lots of other ways to train with a kettlebell (one of the reasons we think it’s worth adding one of the best kettlebells to your home gym).

Ellie Crawley, a personal trainer and the founder of the activewear brand Feel Fit, is fond of training with kettlebells, especially full-body kettlebell workouts. Crawley has devised a challenging session for you to try at home or in the gym. “Training with kettlebells will challenge your strength, boost stamina and build muscle all over—while burning calories by the bucketload,” she says. “Not much can beat it.” 

How To Do This Workout

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