This Viral TikTok Running Vest Is Reduced For Prime Day—Here’s Why I Love It

Aonijie Hydration Vest worn by the author

I run several times a week, covering anywhere from 20 miles a week to 40, and as much as I hate to admit it, I am often influenced by the running gear I see on TikTok. Whether it be the best running shorts, new racing shoes or the latest headphones for running, there’s every chance that if I see it, I’ll consider buying it. So when I saw my trusty running vest go viral on the app, it was nice to feel ahead of the curve (and know my bank balance was safe for now).

The Aonijie hydration vest is perfect if you find you want to run with water and it has become popular among “runtok”, a community of runners sharing their training journeys on TikTok. The price is much more affordable than vests from top-tier trail-running brands and it’s lasted me four years. 

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