This Five-Minute Full-Body Warm-Up Is My New Workout Non-Negotiable

Man performing high kicks in an outdoor exercise class

I never skip a warm-up before a run, even if it’s just a couple of lunges here and a few dead bugs there, but I’m not as disciplined before a weights workout. Recently I tried this leg day warm-up before my weekly legs workout, and I was surprised by how much of a difference it made to my workout. My legs felt less stiff, my range of movement had improved and I felt stronger.

I promised myself I’d warm up before every activity so went looking for routines to use. That’s how I came across this full-body warm-up from Juice & Toya, LA-based personal trainers and owners of One Body LA. My leg warm-up was great, but I wanted something I could use before any gym workout routine. 

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