The Best Running Underwear For Women

Women in locker room

Most of us give a lot of thought to our choice of running tops, leggings or shorts. And we all know that wearing a supportive running bra is of paramount importance. But often when it comes to our undies—panties, knickers, whatever you want to call them—we just head out in whatever we happened to put on that morning. And that’s not always for the best.

If you’ve ever experienced chafing or riding up, then you’ll agree that running underwear demands some thought too. Cotton might be an ideal material for everyday use. But technical underwear is designed to be stretchy, breathable and fast-drying so it’s considerably more comfortable when running. What’s more, sports underwear comes in a variety of styles such as thongs, briefs and boyshorts, so you’re bound to find a pair that works for you.

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