Sky Glass Is The Ultimate Front Row Seat For Any Sporting Moment

Boy and girl watching football on Sky Glass TV with Watch Together Sky Live feature on right hand side of the screen

It’s summer and if there’s one thing better than the wall-to-wall sport on offer, it’s making an occasion of it and watching with friends. After all, big sporting moments are exciting, but they’re better experienced together. To make your home the place where friends and family want to gather, add a screen that’s smarter than a smart TV. The best TV for watching sports—Sky Glass.

Sky Glass is fully-loaded with the latest audio and visual tech to bring the sights and sounds of match day into your home—it’s as close as you can come to experiencing what it’s like to be there without actually being there. The colours are vibrant and the powerful Dolby Atmos® speakers give a level of detail to the sound that brings the game to life. Sky’s Auto-Enhance sports mode recognises when the game’s on and automatically amplifies the vividness of the colours and the sound of the crowd to bring the stadium atmosphere into your home.

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