One Of My Favorite Running Sunglass Makers Now Offer Prescription Lenses

Side by side images of a male and a female model wearing SunGod prescription sunglasses

Testing the best running sunglasses is one of the more enjoyable aspects of my job at Coach. I love trying new styles, whether they’re sporty wraparound specs or lifestyle sunnies that can also handle exercise.

However, the testing process does have one downside. Because I wear normal glasses throughout the day, trying out the latest running sunnies often involves faffing about with contact lenses. So occasions when I get to test prescription sports sunglasses are always a highlight.

SunGod Sierra (left) and Zephyr (right) (Image credit: SunGod)

As a result, I was very excited to see that SunGod now offers prescription sunglasses. The brand’s range of performance lifestyle shades have always been among my favorites for running because they make classic styles you can wear anywhere with lightweight, non-slip frames that are suitable for sport.

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