I Worked Out In The New Nike Metcon 9 Crossfit Shoe—Here’s What I Thought

Nike Metcon 9 on writer

The Nike Metcon line is a perennial contender for the title of best CrossFit shoe and I’d bet you’d find at least one CrossFitter wearing a pair in any box you care to walk into.

Nike has released the latest generation, the Nike Metcon 9, and I tried the shoe at WIT Fitness in London on launch night, hitting beast mode in a 35-minute CrossFit workout designed to show off what the shoe is capable of.

The workout consisted of a barbell complex done with a partner, building to max weight. Then, a snatch-and-barbell burpee combo in a 36-24-12 rep scheme, and finally an AMRAP of 24 calories on a rowing machine, 24 toes-to-bars and 24 wall balls. It was a serious workout for the shoe (and me). 

Nike Metcon 9, top, and Nike Metcon 8 (Image credit: Sam Hopes / Future)

After all that, one thing stood out: these are comfy. I own the Nike Metcon 8 and while both generations balance stability and comfort well, my first impressions are that the 9 does it better.

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