I Tried This Five-Move Leg Day Warm-Up And My Workout Felt 10 Times Better

Woman performs lateral lunge in gym

I have a confession. Although fitness is my day job, I don’t always start my training with a set of warm-up exercises. I know, I know—it’s important to warm up, it readies the body for activity and lessens the chance of injury. I know all this and my running warm-up routine is non-negotiable (even if it’s just a couple of lunges here and there), but when I’m about to start a strength session, I kind of forget.

I dedicate one day a week to leg workouts and normally tell myself that my 15-minute walk to the gym has done the trick, but when I stumbled across Krissy Cela’s leg day warm-up, I promised myself I would start my next session with it. Cela is the lead trainer and co-founder of fitness app EvolveYou, and has contributed plenty of sessions to Coach such as a lower-body gym workout and an abs workout for women. 

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