I Swapped My Car For An E-Bike For Five Days Before World Car Free Day—Here’s What I Found

The author riding the Canyon:ON Commuter 7 e-bike

I must admit to a love-hate relationship with bicycles. I absolutely love tearing along a forest path on a mountain bike, flying over bumps in the pouring rain. But during my brief stint as a triathlete I discovered I loathe road cycling. It’s boring, excruciatingly uncomfortable for a woman, and there always seems to be a puncture, chain or brake pad to faff about with.

So when I was asked if I’d try swapping my car for an e-bike I had mixed feelings. Being able to whizz up hills was very appealing, but the hassle of putting on a helmet, waterproofs and booties each time I popped out, and trying to find somewhere to lock it up safely, wasn’t particularly appealing.

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