I Run Five Times A Week And These Two Physio-Approved Knee Exercises Are Now A Staple Of My Routine

A runner with knee pain sits on a bench holding her knee

Even if runners never experience knee pain during their running career, they will very much experience the fear of developing knee pain. There is a condition called runner’s knee, after all, even though when we asked an authority on the subject if running is bad for your knees they said, in short, no. Although they also said that relies on you getting appropriate amounts of rest, strengthening your core, warming up and stretching, too.

As I undertake my first marathon training plan, I am visited by the ghosts of knee injuries past. A faint niggle will appear, reminding me of the dislocated knee I suffered as a teenager. To stop a flare up from occurring, I have been following a regimented lower-body routine, making sure to include knee-strengthening exercises.

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