I Ran Two Sub-2:30 Marathons Last Year And The Watch I Used Is Reduced In The Prime Day Sale

Nick Harris-Fry holding a Berlin Marathon finisher’s medal

There are always a lot of Garmin Prime Day deals to consider if the sales event rolls around when you’re looking for a new sports watch, and perhaps the most exciting discount of all in the Prime Big Deal Days sale is the $150 that’s been knocked off the Garmin Epix 2.

I love the Garmin Epix 2 and have used it as my main sports watch for most of the time since it launched in 2022, including running a 2hr 28min marathon in Berlin and a 2hr 29min marathon in Valencia. I also used it to run the Bilbao Bizkaia Marathon and London Marathon in 2023 at more sedate paces—London was just a week after Berlin to be fair.

When the Garmin Epix Pro came out I started using that, but I only prefer the Epix Pro for the longer battery life on the 51mm edition. Otherwise the older Garmin Epix 2 is every bit as good, and it’s much cheaper, especially in the Prime Day sale.

Both the steel and titanium Epix 2 watches are reduced by $150 in the sale, but I think the one to get is the titanium model, even though it’s $100 more. The upgrade in materials is one thing—the titanium Epix 2 also has a sapphire crystal screen and is both lighter and more durable than the steel one—but the key reason for me is that only the titanium model has multi-band GPS.

Garmin’s multi-band GPS mode is the most accurate on the market and as someone who obsesses about GPS, the Epix 2’s accuracy was a key reason it was useful to me when training for and running marathons. The extra accuracy is useful when pacing the race itself, but even more important when running hard training sessions on the road and trying to stick to certain paces. Unlike race day, there are no mile or kilometer markers to help you judge your pace then, and having the best GPS accuracy you can get is invaluable.

Along with multi-band GPS, the Epix 2 also packs in all of Garmin’s other great features, including all the new software features that launched with the Epix Pro this year that have been rolled back via an update to the older watch, like hill score and endurance score.

The bright AMOLED display is what separates the Epix 2 from the Garmin Fenix 7 (also on sale and just as good if you prefer an LCD display that extends battery life), and this display is brilliant for viewing the color maps on the watch. It also has extensive training analysis, smart features like music storage and NFC payments.

I found the Epix 2 to be more or less perfect throughout my use of it, and the only thing that makes it hard to recommend is the high price, so getting $150 off its RRP in the Prime Day sale is certainly welcome.

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