How To Buy The World-Record Setting Adidas Pro Evo 1 Super-Shoe

Adidas Pro Evo 1

The Berlin Marathon 2024 was billed as a battle of two of the best carbon plate running shoes yet to be launched to the public, and both came out winners. Eliud Kipchoge romped to his fifth Berlin Marathon victory in the Nike Alphafly 3 prototype, but even the GOAT was outshone by Tigist Assefa’s world-record run in the new Adidas Adizero Pro Evo 1 to win the women’s race.

Assefa ran 2hr 11min 53sec to not just break the women’s marathon record, but completely obliterate it—the Ethiopian was 2min 11sec faster than Brigid Kosgei’s previous record, set in 2019.

This was exactly the debut the Adidas Adizero Pro Evo 1 needed, because it was launched with an unprecedented level of hype based on both its incredibly lightweight design—it weighs just 138g in a UK 8.5, according to Adidas—and its absurdly high price—it costs $500 in the US and £400 in the UK.

(Image credit: Adidas)

Adidas also suggests that the Pro Evo 1 is not going to be durable, essentially marketing it as a shoe you pull on to give you the best chance in your goal race. That makes it more of a tool for pros like Assefa aiming to log wins and world records, but that won’t stop amateur runners trying to get hold of the Pro Evo 1.

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