Build Strong Glutes With This Seven-Move Lower-Body Pump

Woman performs barbell hip thrust

Squats will always have their place in a lower-body strength workout, but they aren’t the be-all and end-all of glutes exercises. For a well-rounded legs day session, and well-rounded glutes generally, you need to look beyond the squat and harness the muscle-building potential of hip thrusts, deadlifts, lunges and banded walks. 

Ollie Campbell, certified personal trainer and founder of Priority 6 in Oxfordshire, England, has done just that to deliver a comprehensive glute-building workout that will light up the muscles of your posterior chain. The seven-move session combines a tri-set, a superset and a spicy pulse-raising finisher that will target your glutes from every conceivable angle.

How To Perform This Glute-Focused Workout

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