Are Bib Shorts Worth It For The Casual Indoor Cyclist?

A man wearing bib shorts cycles on a bike attached to a turbo trainer

For the most part I don’t cycle enough to merit investing in dedicated cycling gear. I usually run six times a week and ride my bike to get around town. However, when running injury strikes I turn to the lower-impact sport of cycling to keep myself fit, and I’ve just gone through a period of regular riding on my turbo trainer while nursing an achilles niggle.

During this spell I tested bib shorts for the first time—the Endura Xtract Lite Bibshorts, to be exact. These are padded shorts with straps that go over your shoulders to hold the padding around the crotch in the right place throughout your ride. 

I have always considered bib shorts a bit too pro-level for my riding, particularly since they’re quite expensive. The Endura shorts are $99.99/£74.99, and that’s the cheaper end of the spectrum for bib shorts.

The Endura Xtract Lite Bibshorts (Image credit: Endura)

For longer rides I usually wear cycling shorts, which have the padding but not the straps, relying instead on a tight waistband to hold them in place. I have a very old set of dhb cycling shorts; a more modern option would be these dhb Shorts, which are just £35, or Endura’s Xtract Gel Short, which are $75/£49.99.

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